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a smooth operator

If you describe someone as a smooth operator, you mean that they are very successful, often by cleverly persuading other people to do what they want. As with many people in the Foreign Office, he is a smooth operator and able to avoid conflict.
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big-time operator

and BTO
1. n. someone who does business in a big way. (The abbreviation is an initialism.) If you’re such a BTO, why are we standing here in the rain?
2. n. a man who chases women. That twit thinks he’s a big-time operator. A stud he’s not. A big-time operator needs a big-time car!
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smooth operator

and smoothie
n. a clever and quiet person, especially in reference to romantic involvement; a seducer. He thinks he’s such a smooth operator! Clare is an old smoothie till she thinks she’s got everything the way she wants. Then you see the real Clare.
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Marking gauges with the normal operating range and using graphical, eighth-grade level instructions showing the "recorder" why, what, and how to inspect makes the job of an operator more interesting and truly empower him to impact plant performance.
This really reduces risk and cost of sales for the operator.
For mobile operators, public WLANs can serve as both a carrot and a stick.
I can't understand you when you're yelling,'' said one operator, trying to assure the caller that officers and paramedics were on their way to the scene.
If an owner or operator has shut down its UST, either temporarily or permanently, or desires to shut it down before the end of the year, such closure must comply with the requirements set forth in the federal regulations.
With only a few applicable functions for the operator to learn, there is no need for the distraction of a full-sized keyboard.
In the closing decades of the nineteenth century, like many other low white collar occupations, telephone operators were feminized.
PM performed by operators is virtually free because the operator is already at the machine.
Annual Results & Forecasts for each of the above operators is covered in this report for: CY 2001-CY 2015 Quarterly Results & Forecasts are covered for: March 2003 - June 2013
Available in either an Infowave-hosted model or network operator deployment model, the Infowave solution can be installed quickly to support a network operator's marketing initiatives.
It is the last of what were once 15 AT&T operator centers in New England.
As the operator starts processing the recipe, the carousel presents the correct draw side bin to the operator, turns on a light on the control panel to indicate the appropriate bin door and unlocks the door.
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