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come into operation

To begin to apply, operating, or take effect; to begin implementing or enforcing (something). Several policies, aimed at helping struggling citizens get by, come into operation next month. The new law will come into operation on the first of January.
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in operation

Operational; functioning or working as intended; in current use. Once the factory is in operation, we expect to provide over 300 jobs to local residents. The family-owned restaurant, which has been in operation for nearly 85 years, announced that it will be closing on Friday. We have a policy in operation in case something like this ever happened.
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put (something) into operation

To commence doing or using something. We've spent enough time preparing—let's put this plan into operation. We finally put the machine into operation after spending all morning repairing it.
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mopping-up operation

a clean-up operation; the final stages in a project where the loose ends are taken care of. It's all over except a small mopping-up operation. The mopping-up operation from the hurricane should cost just under twenty million.
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come into opeˈration

start working; start having an effect: The new rules come into operation from next week.
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in opeˈration

working, being used or having an effect: The system needs to be in operation for six months before it can be assessed.Temporary traffic controls are in operation on New Road.
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put something into opeˈration

make something start working; start using something: It’s time to put our plan into operation.
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mopping-up operation

n. a clean-up operation; the final stages in a project where the loose ends are taken care of. It’s all over except a small mopping-up operation.
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The goal of this successfully completed phase was to provide the enabling architecture via fiber for future distributing operations to the mainland.
The current operations have been successful at integrating Iraqi forces into anti-insurgent operations," said Parris.
And for them, there's only one solution: Outsourcing the ongoing system management and operations to experienced professionals, specialists in the world of commercial real estate security and asset management.
Wally Gonzalez, commander of the 838th Transportation Battalion and his personnel briefed recent Operation Iraqi Freedom operations in Antwerp, Belgium, which will now serve as a template for future port operations.
Covers the unit operations of the stock approach or thin stock system, including cleaning, screening, de-aeration, and pressure pulsation reduction.
When TDS selected a site for its land fill and composting operations, it picked the 1,200-acre Creedmore Ranch to minimize the effect the operation would have on nearby residents.
Our special operations teams entail great personal risk as they carry out their daily duties.
While many in-house operations can't defer development and support to focus on a single project, offshore firms generally devote 100% of their time to one project.
government has been reluctant to pursue worldwide military operations unilaterally.
From an operational perspective, then, managers should continually assess the relative importance to the overall organization of output - or potential revenues - from operations in countries with significant risk profiles.
IT is true that the MTA is in disarray and its bus operation is in shambles.
The court concluded that the operations were substantial in light of the following factors:
The task force used sophisticated investigative techniques, including court-authorized electronic surveillance, to disrupt the gang's extensive drug trafficking operations in the target area.
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