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come into operation

To begin to apply, operating, or take effect; to begin implementing or enforcing (something). Several policies, aimed at helping struggling citizens get by, come into operation next month. The new law will come into operation on the first of January.
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in operation

Operational; functioning or working as intended; in current use. Once the factory is in operation, we expect to provide over 300 jobs to local residents. The family-owned restaurant, which has been in operation for nearly 85 years, announced that it will be closing on Friday. We have a policy in operation in case something like this ever happened.
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put (something) into operation

To commence doing or using something. We've spent enough time preparing—let's put this plan into operation. We finally put the machine into operation after spending all morning repairing it.
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mopping-up operation

a clean-up operation; the final stages in a project where the loose ends are taken care of. It's all over except a small mopping-up operation. The mopping-up operation from the hurricane should cost just under twenty million.
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come into opeˈration

start working; start having an effect: The new rules come into operation from next week.
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in opeˈration

working, being used or having an effect: The system needs to be in operation for six months before it can be assessed.Temporary traffic controls are in operation on New Road.
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put something into opeˈration

make something start working; start using something: It’s time to put our plan into operation.
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mopping-up operation

n. a clean-up operation; the final stages in a project where the loose ends are taken care of. It’s all over except a small mopping-up operation.
See also: operation
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Army at Kwajalein Atoll, Reagan Test Site, or USAKA/RTS, to distribute mission operations and personnel positions back to Huntsville, Ala.
By June, she quit her volunteer position at the lounge because Operation Gratitude was growing so quickly.
This operation is a prime example of Iraqi security forces taking on greater responsibility in the security of the Iraqi people," said 1st Lt.
Across the board and across the country, office building owners report that by outsourcing the systems operation, they have reduced their overhead, have been able to focus exclusively on the business of buying and managing property (not security systems), and have improved tenant satisfaction.
The purpose of the conference is to streamline operations and get us all focused accordingly on the way ahead," said Col.
Also shows how changes in the thick stock system can affect paper machine operation and consists of three lessons: (1) Thick Stock System, (2) Control Principles, and (3) Effect of Stock Prep on Paper.
Because one of the downsides to most any composting operation can be its odor, TDS chose to confront that problem head on as well.
Remarks at the Air Force Special Operations Command Awards Ceremony, Hurlburt Field, Fla.
Ebix's creation of its own offshore operation is an approach somewhat different from most insurers' outsourcing of services and processes with India-based firms.
From the very beginning of Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm political sensitivities were of paramount concern for operational planners.
A company may begin an international operation by establishing a supplier base and shipping components back home for assembly, testing and distribution.
59 TC 338 (1972), which held that the operation of assembling parts into portable bagclosing machines was substantial in nature and generally was considered to constitute the manufacture of property under the regulations.
This approach - code-named Operation REACT - used the combined resources of the two agencies in a flexible manner for a limited period of time to tackle a Pressing community need.
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