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operate against someone or something

to work against someone or something; to have a negative effect on someone or something. All of this operates against our idea affixing the garage up as a family room. The new vacation policy operates against my plan to take all of July off.
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operate from something

to work out of something or some place. I'm in business for myself. I operate from my home. We operate from a garage in the back of City Hall.
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operate on someone

to perform a surgical operation on someone. They decided not to operate on her. She wasn't operated on after all.
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operate on something

1. to work on something; to work with the insides of something. (As a surgeon might operate.) He tried to operate on his watch and ruined it. Todd operated on the door lock and fixed it.
2. to function or conduct business on a certain principle or assumption. The company has always operated on the theory that the customer is always right. Sam operates on the assumption that everyone is out to get him.
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Trenary said the company will continue to look for additional business and has completed work on a second certificate that would enable it to operate aircraft for other partners.
First Virginia operates subsidiary depository institutions in Virginia, Maryland, and Tennessee.
The baghouse's tube sheet pressure differential operates in the range of 3-5 water column in.
ASA currently operates 133 aircraft to 108 destinations in the US, the Bahamas, Canada and Mexico.
Future domestic and international destinations will be evaluated, especially in light of the rights recently awarded to Lan Argentina to operate 35 new domestic and international destinations.
The airlines plan to operate 300 codeshare flights a week and will coordinate their schedules from four airports--Nurnberg, Stuttgart, Munich and Palma de Mallorca-- where both have a strong presence.
is a healthcare services company which operates senior living communities.
Nebraska Methodist Health System operates a 321-bed hospital in Omaha, Nebraska (NMH) and a 137-bed hospital in Council Bluffs, Iowa (JEMH).
Located in Beaver and Sewickley, PA (about 40 and 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, respectively) Heritage Valley Health System operates 524 staffed beds (549 licensed) at two hospitals.
Currently, LAN operates 56 passenger aircraft and seven dedicated freighters.
SSFHS is a regional healthcare system that operates 12 hospitals along the I-65 corridor between Chicago and Indianapolis.
The Company principally operates its lending activities within the Inland Empire region of Southern California, and the coastal communities of Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Currently, the LAN Alliance operates 56 passenger aircraft and seven dedicated freighters.
Currently, the Company operates 54 passenger aircraft and seven dedicated freighters.