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operate against (someone or something)

To work to the detriment or disadvantage of someone or something; to produce a negative impact or effect on someone or something. Contrary to the way it was billed, the new tax law operates against most middle- and lower-class workers. All of the boss's decisions have been operating against our project lately.
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operate from (some place)

To be established in a particular place from which one works or operates. I've been operating from the guest room in our house ever since I started writing as a freelancer. We operated from a tiny office on the lower East Side until we got enough money together to rent a better space.
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operate on

1. To perform surgery on someone or an animal. The doctors are operating on me tomorrow morning, so I'm not allowed to eat or drink anything before then. They had to operate on my dog because something had become lodged in his intestines.
2. To work on or tinker with something. Tom's in the living room operating on the television, but I'm not holding my breath that he can fix it. Before you go operating on the washing machine, why don't you troubleshoot what's wrong with it.
3. To have some established stance, position, or viewpoint from which someone or something functions. If you operate on the assumption that people are trying to take advantage of you, then you'll never make any meaningful connections with anyone. We've always operated on the belief that superior customer service will allow us to compete with the bigger corporations we've been competing with.
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operate out of (some place)

To be established in a particular place from which one works or operates. I've been operating out of the guest room in our house ever since I started writing as a freelancer. We operated out of a tiny office on the lower East Side until we got enough money together to rent a better space.
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operate against someone or something

to work against someone or something; to have a negative effect on someone or something. All of this operates against our idea affixing the garage up as a family room. The new vacation policy operates against my plan to take all of July off.
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operate from something

to work out of something or some place. I'm in business for myself. I operate from my home. We operate from a garage in the back of City Hall.
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operate on someone

to perform a surgical operation on someone. They decided not to operate on her. She wasn't operated on after all.
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operate on something

1. to work on something; to work with the insides of something. (As a surgeon might operate.) He tried to operate on his watch and ruined it. Todd operated on the door lock and fixed it.
2. to function or conduct business on a certain principle or assumption. The company has always operated on the theory that the customer is always right. Sam operates on the assumption that everyone is out to get him.
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[RSS] is therefore not operated exclusively for exempt purposes within the meaning of section 501(c)(3)." The Ninth Circuit also affirmed the Tax Court's conclusion that the benefit conferred on private parties by the surgery center's operations prevented RSS from attaining tax-exempt status under the integral-part doctrine.
Each subsidiary bank of First Security has been in existence and operated continuously for at least the period of time required by applicable state law.
Another dimension of this concern is that a foreign government-owned bank might be operated in such a way as to support the general political-economic agenda of the home country (as distinct from a particular enterprise) by, for example, lending to support marketing agreements, cartels, or the government's foreign policy objectives.
They will be operated for Delta Connection in a two-class configuration.
European low-cost carriers operated 16.3% of all flights in May, according to a market analysis issued yesterday by Eurocontrol.In the past 12 months, LCCs added 2.4 points to their market share through re-branding and organic growth.
The service, its first to the Middle East region, will be operated with 777s.
7 operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines using CRJ200s.
Delta TechOps will provide MRO work and inventory exchange services covering an additional RAM 767-300ER, the PW2000 engines on a 757 and GTCP331-200 and 131-9B APUs on aircraft operated by RAM subsidiaries.
Delta also will begin daily Cincinnati-Anchorage service from June 8 aboard mainline 757s, twice-daily Cincinnati-Traverse City flights from June 12 aboard Comair CRJs, daily Atlanta-Bangor service starting June 8 operated by Atlantic Southeast Airlines, daily Atlanta-Traverse City service from June 17 operated by ASA and daily Hartford-Las Vegas flights beginning June 8 aboard mainline 737-800s.
The flight will actually be operated by Geneva-based PrivatAir who already supply a similar service to both Lufthansa and Swiss for dedicated routes.
In the early 1970s, British Midland, now bmi, operated a twice daily service from Heathrow to Newquay using a Dart Herald and the occasional Viscount.
And not to be outdone, Virgin Blue has quickly followed suit pointing out that it had in the past operated an 'all inclusive' policy, only dropping it when competitors failed to use the same guidelines.
The flights will be operated by a two-class Boeing 757 aircraft with 14 seats in business and 190 seats in the main economy cabin.