operate against

operate against (someone or something)

To work to the detriment or disadvantage of someone or something; to produce a negative impact or effect on someone or something. Contrary to the way it was billed, the new tax law operates against most middle- and lower-class workers. All of the boss's decisions have been operating against our project lately.
See also: operate

operate against someone or something

to work against someone or something; to have a negative effect on someone or something. All of this operates against our idea affixing the garage up as a family room. The new vacation policy operates against my plan to take all of July off.
See also: operate
References in classic literature ?
Suppose an invasion; would those three governments (if they agreed at all) be able, with all their respective forces, to operate against the enemy so effectually as the single government of Great Britain would?
The guaranty could only operate against changes to be effected by violence.
Browning, accordingly, takes almost no interest in the specific social and political questions of his day, a fact which certainly will not operate against the permanence of his fame.
The Azerbaijani state, society and diaspora organizations representing Azerbaijan heroically operate against this power.
The DND [Department of National Defense] will continue to enforce the government's unilateral ceasefire and the Armed Forces of the Philippines will not actively operate against the NPA while our ceasefire is in effect,' Defense Secretary Delfin Lorenzana said on Wednesday.
Profit growth rate was affected during the first nine months of this year by the increase in operating expenses as a result of the expansion of the new branches in addition to increasing the financial and regulatory hedging provisions and the decrease in value of currencies of countries where some of the units operate against the US dollar as previously mentioned.
It is a transparent strategy, spreading hatred and separations while calling upon unity under the umbrella of VMRO-DPMNE against the global conspiracy of the great forces and one group of domestic traitors and enemies who operate against the brave leader and great patriot.
They are in their villages in Northern Golan, they back Assad and they don't like Zionists," Heller told the Israeli channel, noting that Samir al-Qintar "was touring these villages" to offer support and "recruit" their residents to operate against Israel.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan on Wednesday summoned US Ambassador Richard Olson to the Foreign Office to convey concerns over a recent Pentagon report alleging that terrorists operate against India and Afghanistan from 'sanctuaries' inside Pakistan.
He opined that if Pakistan and Afghanistan jointly operate against militants, US may find a reason for stay in Afghanistan adding that safe havens of terrorists are still present in bordering areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan and the two countries should co-operate with allied forces in Afghanistan
The CC was required to determine whether NIE s current price control conditions operate or may be expected to operate against the public interest and if so, set a new revenue control for NIE and otherwise modify NIE s licence conditions.
We maintain the right to operate against those who are involved in terror," Lt.
The sources on the other hand had insisted that Pakistani leadership, civilian and military, in unison had bartered the undertaking to operate against militants in North Waziristan with the clean chit Clinton granted to them in Osama Ben Ladens case.
Hg suction, and operate against pressures up to 87 PSI both intermittently and continuously over the entire lifetime of the pump.
Mr Hunt said the merger may operate against the public interest in media plurality, but added that he would first consider undertakings from News Corp before confirming the reference to the Commission.