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horse opera

A film or theatrical production about the American West (i.e., a western), especially one that is clichéd or formulaic. My grandfather and I had a tradition of watching old horse operas every Sunday on TV.
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hoss opera

A film or theatrical production about the American West (i.e., a western), especially one that is clichéd or formulaic. My grandfather and I had a tradition of watching old hoss operas every Sunday on TV.
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oat opera

A film or theatrical production about the American West (i.e., a western), especially one that is clichéd or formulaic. My grandfather and I had a tradition of watching old oat operas every Sunday on TV.
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soap opera

1. A sentimental, melodramatic serialized program, especially for television, often panned for having shallow, unrealistic characters and storylines. The name alludes to the fact that early radio shows of this type were sponsored by soap companies. I used to roll my eyes at the soap operas my mother watched, but now I'm completely hooked on them, too. The only thing the people in my office discuss are the latest scandals in the various soap operas they all follow.
2. By extension, a situation that is so melodramatic or sensational as to be reminiscent of such a show. Why does every relationship Jeff gets into turn into a soap opera? I swear, he looks for drama like this.
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soap opera effect

An informal term for "motion smoothing" or "motion interpolation," a process by which one's TV artificially increases the frame rate of video in order to remove motion blur. As a result, some movies and TV shows have an exaggeratedly realistic visual quality more typical of videotape (the traditional filming medium for soap operas) than film. A: "Why does everything look so weird on my new TV?" B: "It's the soap opera effect. Let's see if we can turn that off."
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soap opera

1. A radio or television serial with stock characters in domestic dramas that are noted for being sentimental and melodramatic. For example, She just watches soap operas all day long. This term originated in the mid-1930s and was so called because the sponsors of the earliest such radio shows were often soap manufacturers.
2. Real-life situation resembling one that might occur in a soap opera, as in She just goes on and on about her various medical and family problems, one long soap opera . [1940s]
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horse opera

n. a Western movie. (see also oater.) They’re showing a series of old horse operas at the theater tonight.
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