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The best composition and temperature, is to have openness in fame and opinion; secrecy in habit; dissimulation in seasonable use; and a power to feign, if there be no remedy.
The frank honest face, to tell the truth, at this moment bore any expression but one of openness and honesty: it was, on the contrary, much perturbed and puzzled in look.
I have never yet had the courage to say to you, sir, what in full openness I ought to have said when you first talked with me on this subject.
The very openness of your life here makes interference with you more difficult, and as to warning letters - well, you have proved the uselessness of them.
The Chief Inspector, driven down to the ground by unfair artifices, had elected to walk the path of unreserved openness.
On being excluded, the old ladies changed their tone, and cried through the keyhole that old Sally was drunk; which, indeed, was not unlikely; since, in addition to a moderate dose of opium prescribed by the apothecary, she was labouring under the effects of a final taste of gin-and-water which had been privily administered, in the openness of their hearts, by the worthy old ladies themselves.
be told--as it must and ought to be--Barbara seemed, of all the little household, to take least pleasure in the bustle of the occasion; and when Kit, in the openness of his heart, told her how glad and overjoyed it made him, Barbara became more downcast still, and seemed to have even less pleasure in it than before!
The African Development Bank has moved ahead on finalizing the first Africa Visa Openness Index.
ON, a worldwide leading provider of white label global payment gateway solutions and an innovator in Open payment technology, has collaborated with First Annapolis to publish a white paper: Openness is Changing the Future of Payments.
Whether Christianity and other traditional religions promote or interfere with psychological openness is a contentious question within the psychology of religion (e.
The bottom line is openness is good for our customers, good for the community and good for our business," Gianugo Rabellino, senior director of open source communities at Microsoft Open Technologies, told Khaleej Times.
Among the indicators of globalization of economy, the degree of openness of economy could be mentioned which is the proportion of total export and import to gross domestic product [12,10].
Within the networking industry, there is a growing divide between two schools of thought - companies that believe that the future of the network lies in openness and those that think a proprietary approach is the compelling way to go, said an expert.
A law on openness of activities of the government bodies and governance entered into force in Uzbekistan, the local media reported.
Nayyer Bokhari said that openness and transparency in parliamentary proceedings, therefore, enable public views, perceptions and interests to reflect better in decision and policy making on issues directly or indirectly affecting their lives.