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Keep an eye out for Openly, a new digitally-sophisticated upmarket homeowners insurer catering to independent agents.
Video: Home Insurer Openly Creates 'Sophisticated' Digital Experience for Independent Agents
"What made the night truly exceptional, however, was the triumph of a number of openly transgender candidates.
PTI chief added that he is openly speaking against the judiciary as it has exposed his ill gotten and corruption
Serving US Army Secretary Eric Fanning is the first openly gay person to be the top civilian official in the country's forces.
The singer, 23, said in his speech he believed "no openly gay man has ever won an Oscar".
This is just one instance when I was carrying openly and though I never even had a conscious thought about the handgun on my hip, I knew it was there.
Addressing a news conference in Chennai on Saturday, Kilari Anand Paul openly showed his allegiance to the BJP and his decision comes after considering the track record of Narendra Modi.
Summary: Asit Majumdar, TMC MLA from Chinsurah, Hooghly courted controversy when he like Anubrata Mondal openly incited violence in public by saying anti-socials should be lynched to death.
Scott Rennie, an openly gay minister living in a relationship, which passed with a vote of 326 to 267 at the May assembly.
This union organizer aims to become the first openly gay person of color elected to the California legislature.
Liias' arrival gives Washington six openly gay lawmakers, ahead of California, Connecticut, and Vermont, which each have five, but still one shy of the seven gay lawmakers in New Hampshire.
The 55-year-old, who argued she should be entitled openly to proclaim her Christian faith, lost an internal appeal against the decision on Monday.
The average person would not think on first glance that Christine Quinn, with her warm, brown eyes and friendly smile, is "the most powerful openly lesbian or gay official in the country." But that's exactly how important she is, says Matt Foreman, the executive director of the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force.
Ford Huffman, an openly gay deputy managing editor at USA Today and a member of the ASNE conference program committee, told E&P, "It seems to me that this is a way to allow gay ASNE members to feel that they are included, and to let straight ASNE members know that there are gay members." The event, which will be open to all, also raises the issue of why there are so few openly gay top editors at U.S.