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I now declare openly, in the presence of these witnesses, that I will do so.
If he had not been driven beyond the limits of endurance, he would not have ventured to express certain conjectures so openly.
He openly told her that life was worth nothing to him without me.
I said; I would only ask you to be consistent; or, if you change, change openly and let there be no deception.
We do not question each other, we do not complain to each other; we go together openly through open doors.
But as your brother cannot speak openly in my presence of some proposals of Mr.
Although I said so emphatically that I would not speak openly in your brother's presence, nevertheless, I intend now to ask your honoured mother for a necessary explanation on a point of great importance closely affecting my dignity.
He added: "I'm also openly right-handed, openly rightwing and openly a radio presenter.
Addressing a news conference in Chennai on Saturday, Kilari Anand Paul openly showed his allegiance to the BJP and his decision comes after considering the track record of Narendra Modi.
Summary: Asit Majumdar, TMC MLA from Chinsurah, Hooghly courted controversy when he like Anubrata Mondal openly incited violence in public by saying anti-socials should be lynched to death.
SINN Fein MP Michelle Gildernew has spoken of her depression and the importance of being able to talk openly about it.
Scott Rennie, an openly gay minister living in a relationship, which passed with a vote of 326 to 267 at the May assembly.
This union organizer aims to become the first openly gay person of color elected to the California legislature.
Liias' arrival gives Washington six openly gay lawmakers, ahead of California, Connecticut, and Vermont, which each have five, but still one shy of the seven gay lawmakers in New Hampshire.
The 55-year-old, who argued she should be entitled openly to proclaim her Christian faith, lost an internal appeal against the decision on Monday.