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the opening of an envelope

Any event, celebration, or ceremony, no matter how trivial or unremarkable, that one attends purely for the sake of visibility. Often said in relation to celebrities or media personalities who make a point of attending anything that will give them more public exposure. In a bid to cultivate a media buzz around herself, the Internet sensation has been to the openings of films, book launches, and celebrity galas. With the way she carries on, she'd even go to the opening of an envelope!
See also: envelope, of, opening

open the door for

1. Literally, to open a door for another person. Open the door for me, will you? I have my hands full right now. Now that I'm on crutches, I really appreciate it when people open the door for me.
2. To create an opportunity for someone or something. Female professors like you really opened the door for future generations of women scholars. Recent advancements in technology really opened the door for my latest invention to gain widespread acceptance.
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open fire

1. verb Literally, to fire or begin firing a gun (at someone). The troops opened fire as soon as they saw the militants exit the building.
2. verb By extension, to begin attacking, criticizing, or interrogating someone. The reporters opened fire on the commissioner with a barrage of intense questions.
3. noun A fire not contained by a fireplace or stove. There's nothing quite like roasting marshmallows over an open fire.
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open the eyes of (someone)

To cause someone to see, realize, or understand the truth about a person or situation. The local painter has been trying to use his art to open the eyes of his fellow citizens to the injustices suffered by the homeless in the town.
See also: eye, of, open

open the way for (someone)

To allow or make it possible for someone to do something as a result of one's actions. This change in legislation will open the way for us to streamline our import services.
See also: open, way

open (up) a can of worms

To initiate, instigate, or reveal a situation that is, will, or is likely to become very complicated, problematic, or have a negative outcome. I worry that trying to tweak the existing system could open up a can of worms that we're not anticipating. The candidate opened a can of worms when he made those inflammatory comments. Now the entire election has been dominated by the topic.
See also: can, of, open, Worms

open (one's) mind (to something)

To be, or cause someone to be, receptive to or prepared to consider something, such as a topic, idea, opinion, perspective, etc. Being in college really helped open my mind to the huge myriad of beliefs and ideals to which different people around the world adhere. I know you're hesitant about seeing a psychic about this, but try opening your mind a bit—you might be pleasantly surprised!
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open out on(to) something

To expand and lead to some larger area. The winding mountain road opened out on an overlook that provided a stunning view of the city below. Our back yard opens out onto an enormous forest.
See also: open, out, something

open out

1. To expand, widen, or spread out. The small path in the underbrush finally began to open out so that we could walk comfortably next to each other. The box the game came in opens out into a full-sized poster.
2. To expand, widen, or spread out something. In this usage, a noun or pronoun can be used between "open" and "out." She opened out the map to show me where the cabin was located. Would you open the stroller out for me? It feels stuck.
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open fire

(on someone) Fig. to start (doing something, such as asking questions or criticizing). (Based on open fire on someone or something.) The reporters opened fire on the mayor. When the reporters opened fire, the mayor was smiling, but not for long.
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open fire (on someone or something)

to begin shooting at someone or something. The troops opened fire on the enemy. The trainees opened fire on the target.
See also: fire, open

open something out

to unfold or expand something; to open and spread something out. When she opened the fan out, she saw it was made of plastic. The peacock opened out its tail feathers and delighted the children.
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opening gambit

Fig. an opening movement, tactic, or statement which is made to secure a position that is to one's advantage. The rebel army's opening gambit was to bomb the city's business district. The prosecution's opening gambit was to call a witness who linked the defendant to the scene of the crime.
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open fire

Begin a verbal attack, as in In her second letter to the editor she opened fire, saying the reporter had deliberately misquoted her . This idiom alludes to discharging a firearm. [Mid-1800s]
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open ˈfire (on somebody/something)

start shooting (at somebody/something): The officer gave the order to open fire on the enemy. OPPOSITE: hold your fire
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open out

1. To become wider: The river opens out as it heads toward the bay.
2. To unfold or expand so that inner parts are displayed; spread out: The couch opened out into a bed.
3. To unfold or expand something; spread something out: I opened the couch out into a bed. Let's open out the model to see how it works.
4. open out on To be a passage or opening to some larger external space: After we remodel, the living room will open out on to the kitchen.
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open fire

To begin firing a gun or guns.
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In addition, each of the store openings discussed above were considered as part of MarineMax's previously announced earnings guidance of $1.
Thailand's outstanding opening day of $204K outperformed the openings for both "Troy" and "Gladiator.
SHANGHAI, China -- Converge, the world's largest independent electronics distributor, continues its expansion into China by opening a new trade facility in Shenzhen.
on September 17, 2004, and three additional grand openings in National City, Chula Vista, and San Marcos, Calif.
Invited guests and shoppers toured the new store, enjoyed hors d'oeuvres, and took advantage of a grand opening sale where nationally recognized brands were as much as 50% off suggested retail prices.
First Horizon Bank (NYSE: FHN), a full-service financial services company, announced today its three-week grand opening promotion to celebrate the openings of six of its financial centers that will provide banking services for area individuals and businesses.
Nasdaq:GCFB) announced the opening of its sixth restaurant/microbrewery yesterday in Davenport, Iowa.
The active job openings-to-applicants ratio is defined as monthly active job openings subtracted by monthly active job applicants.
Closely spaced full median openings result in a complex pattern of overlapping conflicts.
Discharge coefficients for sharp-edged openings given in the literature are in the range of 0.
The increasing size of the first, second and third openings defines an undercut side wall in the feces receiver.
British Grandmaster and opening chess move expert John Emms presents Discovering Chess Openings: Building Opening Skills from Basic Principles, a solid guide written especially for intermediate to advanced chess players seeking to hone their skills and familiarize themselves with the basic principles underscoring the hundreds of different opening options.
Some of our best years have come following later openings,'' resort President Karl Kapuscinski said.
Openings to Lighten the Way is that rarest of finds--a creation so startlingly unusual that it keeps taking you by surprise, but at the same time so universal that page by page, Opening by Opening, it feels like coming home.
The 600 ton model employs eight mold openings and utilizes platens that are 74" x 54".