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Opening: "At last I am sending your mother the Mss."
Opening: "All right, go ahead - Angelino and I thought you had made a detailed pricelist of the Mss for us."
Opening: "Rispondo alla sua lettera diretta al capitano." [I am replying to your letter addressed to the Captain.]
Opening: "I herewith authorize you to make a special price of twenty-two hundred dollars ($2,200.00) to your customer."
Opening: "It was a real shock, dear Dudley, that you have been so busy.
Opening: "You will see by this paper, what a storm your story created!"
Opening: "Of course I am pleased about the exhibition."
Opening: "This is to say that I am very glad that you are making an exhibition of the Lawrence Mss in Los Angeles."
Opening: "Thank you that you let me share your rich life for so long with you!"
Opening: "I am so busy, so you much forgive, that I write only now."
Opening: "I am just as pleased as a peacock with that catalogue."
Opening: "It is a long time since anything gave me as much pleasure as that catalogue."
Opening: "Have'nt we got a lot of irons in the fire!"
Opening: "You have my permission certainly to publish."
Opening: "Thank you very much for the catalogs, they came to-day."