open the eyes of (someone)

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open the eyes of (someone)

To cause someone to see, realize, or understand the truth about a person or situation. The local painter has been trying to use his art to open the eyes of his fellow citizens to the injustices suffered by the homeless in the town.
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open the eyes of someone


open someone's eyes

COMMON If something or someone opens the eyes of someone or opens their eyes, they cause them to become aware of things for the first time. As a writer, she opened the eyes of a generation to the beauty of English architecture. Being in prison opened her eyes to aspects of modern America that she wasn't aware of before.
See also: eye, of, open, someone
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Patrick opened the eyes of British viewers in a series of articles published in the '40s and '50s, and again in his response to major shows of Picasso, Bennard, Matisse, and Constable in the '90s.
The company's ability to hit forecasted revenue targets, exceed Wall Street earnings expectations and follow through on stated goals has opened the eyes of many investors and analysts.
By demonstrating how our digital dictation and voice logging products are being enhanced by new voice compression technology, a powerful programmable database and Microsoft Windows interface, we've opened the eyes of many reseller organizations to a great number of new applications and corresponding market opportunities.