open (one's) mind (to something)

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open (one's) mind (to something)

To become or cause one to become receptive to or prepared to consider something, such as a topic, idea, opinion, perspective, etc. Being in college really helped open my mind to the myriad of beliefs and ideals to which different people around the world adhere. I know you're hesitant about seeing a psychic about this, but try opening your mind a bit—you might be pleasantly surprised!
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*open mind

a mind or attitude that is open to new ideas and opinions. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; keep~.) Please try to be nice and keep an open mind. It's all not as bad as you think.
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open mind

A mind receptive to different opinions and ideas, as in Her open mind could see merit in the new method. This phrase is often put as keep an open mind, as in The judge cautioned the jury to keep an open mind while hearing the evidence. [First half of 1800s]
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open your mind to

be prepared to consider or acknowledge; be receptive to.
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'Love has opened our eyes, opened our minds, and our hearts can feel whole,' Autumn wrote.
'It is we who have allowed those bricks to be built to divide,' they say, 'It is we who opened our minds to division and destruction!'
He soon opened our minds to the point he was trying to get over, i.e.
"The influx of foreign players was, I think, very good for this game, very good for the Premier League and very good for us coaches and managers because it broadened our minds, opened our minds up to different cultures and different ways of working with those players," McClaren said.
"What is clear is that the 2 decades or more of efforts to fit all these phenomena into a Fermi liquid description are a catalog of failure," Anderson argues in the December 1995 Physics World, "and it is time we opened our minds to new ways of thinking."