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One after another the four tins on board were opened.
The moon had risen, and as he opened his startled eyes he saw Wilson creeping stealthily toward him, his mouth open and his swollen tongue hanging out.
As she read the last three words, Anne heard the garden door below opened and banged to again.
Another and a longer interval passed before the door opened again.
I rejoined with a good sense of which I was proud; "he might have opened the lock with his left hand, which would have been quite natural, his right hand being wounded.
He finally satisfied himself that with the key in the lock, the door could not possibly be opened from without with another key.
He had turned into the narrow and steep street from which the court of enclosure wherein the house stood opened, when another footstep turned into it behind him, and so close upon his own that he was jostled to the wall.
When they reached a certain spot these men appeared to be annihilated, one after the other, as if the earth had opened under their feet.