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open to (something)

Receptive to or welcoming of something. You should really try to be more open to suggestions if you want to create the best product possible. I'm open to any ideas as to the best way forward.
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open to something

Fig. agreeable to hear or learn about new ideas and suggestions. The store owner was open to suggestions from her employees. We are always open to new ideas.
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Areas Within the Curtilage that are Implicitly Open to the Public
The driveway was implicitly open to the public and anyone could have driven up the driveway just as the officers had done.
Under European Union rules, all telecommunications services and infrastructure must be open to competition by January 1, 1998 - the date that the WTO's telecommunications agreement would go into effect.
April 16: Middlesbrough College Fresh Start Open Day (FREE - Open to the public).
May 16: Askham Bryan open evening, 5.30-7pm May 22: Prospective parents' ' evening, Stockton 6th Form College 6.30-7.30pm June 6: Askham Bryan open evening, 5.30-7pm June 8 & 9: Middlesbrough Mela, sponsored by Middlesbrough College (FREE - Open to the public).
At Bhopal, the open-to-the-sky matrix in which the formal events are set is more figurative than usual: the public courts that lock together the main functional spaces are covered in one way or another, but each is open to the sky in different ways, and the power of the heavens is modulated to try to achieve Correa's ideal within what is necessarily a most complex building.