open (one's) mind (to something)

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open (one's) mind (to something)

To become or cause one to become receptive to or prepared to consider something, such as a topic, idea, opinion, perspective, etc. Being in college really helped open my mind to the myriad of beliefs and ideals to which different people around the world adhere. I know you're hesitant about seeing a psychic about this, but try opening your mind a bit—you might be pleasantly surprised!
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*open mind

a mind or attitude that is open to new ideas and opinions. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; keep~.) Please try to be nice and keep an open mind. It's all not as bad as you think.
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open mind

A mind receptive to different opinions and ideas, as in Her open mind could see merit in the new method. This phrase is often put as keep an open mind, as in The judge cautioned the jury to keep an open mind while hearing the evidence. [First half of 1800s]
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open your mind to

be prepared to consider or acknowledge; be receptive to.
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Holding grudges and being full of spite and hate can lead to anxiety, chronic pain, and more, and in order to combat these elements, one must open their mind and heart in order to focus on what's truly important--their health and their recovery.
The objective of this day is to encourage people around the world to share their philosophical heritage and open their minds to new ideas.
If people open their minds more and try to look deeper than just something that is a very big, hot fiery button to hide behind...
Yes, sir, keep shaking those Filipinos through your writeups, so they will open their minds and choose the right leaders.
company: “The OPENMIND Workshops were exactly what my company needed to train employees to learn how to open their minds to new opportunities in their areas of expertise, ensuring not just growth, but sustained profitable growth.
She told MTV that she hopes people open their minds and they look at her tour as something that she does feel is educational for kids.
Speaking at the Mail Today Education Conclave 2012 on Thursday, Prof Dinesh Singh, vice- chancellor of Delhi University ( DU), urged the stakeholders to open their minds and stop being apprehensive of public- private partnerships in the education sector.
In reading this book, students will broaden their views of success and open their minds to the possibility of achievements outside the realm of traditional academics.
The people involved in this decision need to open their minds to the fact that a place like this might actually bring in people that are willing to spend good money on a good night out, thus boosting Cardiff's night-time economy, and who will actually IMPROVE the ratio of good law-abiding citizens to drunken, fighting chavs, in the city centre on a Saturday night.
Airbus has given its engineers the chance to fully open their minds and imagine what an aircraft could look like in 2050.
BITC said: "The focus of the day is to raise health and wellbeing awareness in young people and open their minds to the possibility of achieving a healthier life through exercise and better nutrition.
If opponents don't want to read his leaflets then perhaps they could open their minds by visiting Derry, the seat of the civil rights movement.
His gospel portrays Peter and the other disciples in such a state of terror that Jesus greets them with both peace and admonishment: "Why are you frightened, and why do doubts arise in your hearts?" After eating with them to emphasize his physical humanity, Jesus is compelled to open their minds to understand the scriptures, for "repentance and forgiveness of sins is to be proclaimed in his name to all nations," and they are now the bringers of the good news of God's reign (Luke 24:45-47).
Julie Walters, of the university's school of computing, engineering and information sciences, said: "We hope by encouraging youngsters to experiment with gadgets and toys it will open their minds to the technology used in them.
In doing so, they open their minds to new worlds and experiences.