open (one's) eyes

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open (one's) eyes

1. To see or realize the truth about something. Open your eyes, Stan—they're just using you for cheap labor!
2. To cause one to see or realize the truth about something. The documentary really opened my eyes about the conditions in that country.
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open one's eyes

Become or make someone aware of the truth of a situation, as in It's time you opened your eyes to the politics of this office, or The trip to Zimbabwe opened her eyes to the difficulties faced by developing nations. [Second half of 1800s]
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open your eyes

If you open your eyes, you suddenly make an effort to notice things that you had not noticed before. Every city has its problems. You have only to open your eyes to see them.
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open someone's eyes

enlighten someone about certain realities; cause someone to realize or discover something.
1998 Scoular Anderson 1314 & All That These events opened his eyes to what had happened to his country. Now his one wish was that Scotland should be independent.
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open your/somebody’s ˈeyes (to something)

realize or make somebody realize the truth about something: The trip to China really opened our eyes.He opened my eyes to the beauty of poetry. ▶ an ˈeye-opener noun: The programme on police methods was a real eye-opener for me.
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open (one's) eyes

To become aware of the truth of a situation.
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Summary: New Delhi [India], May 14 (ANI): A day after an ISIS terrorist carried out a knife attack in Paris, killing one and injuring four others, United States President Donald Trump has urged countries "to open their eyes" and "change their thought process" on terror.
When newborn babies open their eyes for the first time, they already possess nerve cells specialized in particular stimuli in the visual cortex of their brains - but these nerve cells are not systematically linked with each other.
Ashleigh, 22, of Birtley, Gateshead, said: "Sometimes babies do not open their eyes at first so we didn't think anything of it.
If only more companies would open their eyes and wake up to the fact that an enthusiastic workforce is already right here, in Bahrain, on the doorsteps of their offices.
The International Economic Development Council's 2006 Conference will give participants the opportunity to open their eyes to resources from around the globe when 2,000 of the world's top real estate professionals gather September 14-22 on the city's home turf.
Fire safety officer Dave Kitson said: "This will open their eyes to the kinds of scenes that firefighters face."
Roughgarden is on something of a mission, using her book not only to challenge Darwin but to get the scientific and research community to open their eyes to the homosexual behavior they have been ignoring throughout their entire careers.
Dear Editor, -Your editorial (Post, Jan 21) stated 'Critics who complain about the European Union need only open their eyes to get an understanding of some of the more obvious benefits to flow from 30 years of British membership.' Sadly, it is not the critics of the EU who need to open their eyes, it's the usually well-informed editorial writers of The Birmingham Post.
The cadre of bird-watchers that wrote this book challenges urbanites to open their eyes and focus their binoculars.
There probably is little of "redeeming value" for classroom use beyond encouraging students to read, and to open their eyes about unusual corners of this wide world.
"They need to open their eyes that not everyone in Palo Alto is loaded," says Kathryn Varda, a mother with twins in the sixth grade.
The premature duo are being cared for by animal rescuers and are expected to open their eyes any day now.
When they are finished, guessers are told to open their eyes and to try and guess all the changes that were made.
"I try to open their eyes to the varied careers available, so they can self-actualize, and be thrilled and enthused rather than just simply working hard for the money.
Those with advanced Parkinson's often "freeze" for minutes or hours at a time, sometimes unable even to swallow or open their eyes.