open the door to

open the door to (someone or something)

1. To literally open a door so as to allow someone to enter. The enigmatic factory owner finally opened the door to the five golden ticket winners.
2. To lead to the possibility of something happening. Many are hoping that this summit will open the door to peace talks for the war-torn region.
3. To create an opportunity for employment or advancement in one's career. Not all of us have a rich father who can open the door to companies around the world—some of us had to work to get where we are.
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open the door to someone

1. Lit. to permit someone to enter a room, building, etc. The butler opened the door to the guests and they all entered. I opened the door to Mr. Wilson.
2. to make a move or passage easier for a person. Ann opened the door to Fred, who wanted to start a new career in writing. Mark opened the door to her, and she was always grateful to him.
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open the door to something

Fig. to invite something to happen. The armistice opened the door to peace talks. The door was opened to further discussion.
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open the door to

Also, open doors. Create an opportunity for, as in Legalizing marijuana may open the door to all kinds of abuse, or Her statement opened the door to further discussion, or Dad's connections at the hospital have opened doors for Richard's colleagues at medical school . [Late 1600s]
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open the door to

create an opportunity for.
1995 Kindred Spirit By recreating the space in which you live or work, Feng Shui can open the door to abundance, wellbeing and a Renewed Sense of Purpose!
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open the ˈdoor to/for somebody/something

provide somebody with the chance or opportunity to do something new, interesting, etc: Going to university opened the door to a whole new world for her.
References in classic literature ?
Oh, Rosa, if you don't open the door to me," Cornelius cried in his rage, "I shall force these bars, and kill everything I find in the prison.
The Open Doors': I open the door to ravines of laughter.
We advise residents to be cautious of unknown callers and not to open the door to them until they are absolutely sure their business is legitimate," said a West Mercia Police spokesman.
Philadelphia hopes to see a significant increase in the number of students who place out of algebra in high school, which would open the door to higher level math and science in high school.
Next, I wanted to open the door to get at the other side to accurately fasten the opposite jamb.
The standards are tremendous," Princehouse said, "and they don't open the door to intelligent design.
QUESTION: It's been said that when you open the door to employee suggestions, you see improvements.
The measure would also open the door to public funding of religion by guaranteeing "equal access" to government benefits.