open season

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open season (on someone or something)

1. A period of unrestricted hunting on a particular type of animal. Because of the problems with overpopulation, the governor declared open season on deer across the entire state.
2. By extension, a situation or period of time in which someone or something is open to constant, unyielding criticism, scorn, or mistreatment. It's going to be open season if news of this scandal reaches the public. The president seems to be declaring open season on all politicians who disagree with his policies.
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open season (on someone)

Fig. a period of time when everyone is criticizing someone. (Based on open season (on some creature).) It seems as if it's always open season on politicians. At the news conference, it was open season on the mayor.
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open season

(on some creature) a time of unrestricted hunting of a particular game animal. It's always open season on rabbits around here.
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open season

COMMON If you say that it is open season on someone or something, you mean that a lot of people are criticizing or attacking them. It's been open season on bankers since the recession started. The press has long declared open season on the royals. Note: In hunting, the open season is the period of the year when it is legal to hunt particular types of animals or birds.
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Shippers making long-term volume commitments during the open season will be eligible to receive firm service for their committed volumes.
The open season is being held to secure industry commitments to the Bluegrass project which would provide timely natural gas liquids (NGLs) transportation capacity from the Marcellus and Utica shale plays to the petrochemical and export complex on the U.
This first phase of the Open Season process offers potential shippers the possibility to register their interest in booking capacity in the pipeline and to request access to the Open Season documents, following which they can provide non-binding capacity bookings.
The open season process provides potential shippers with the opportunity to make either volume commitments or acreage dedications and execute long-term transportation services agreements with JP Energy in exchange for transportation service at discounted rates on both the initial phase and future phases.
During open season, companies involved in the Alaska Pipeline Project (a joint effort of TransCanada and ExxonMobil) and Denali-The Alaska Gas Pipeline (a joint effort of ConocoPhillips and BP PLC) will solicit bids from shippers to offer firm commitments to ship natural gas through their proposed pipelines.
Also, work is under way to prepare a credible cost estimate that will provide the basis for Denali's open season commercial offering.
Launched on March 31, 2003, the open season covered three existing pipelines and targeted the LNG terminals being developed in northwestern Baja California.
Reserve personnel who are ordered to active duty for more than 30 days can make TSP selections outside an open season.
Hiland's local open season from points in the Bakken and Powder River Basin to Guersney, Wyoming will be capable of providing interim expansion capacity by in the 1[sup.
Saddle Butte Rockies Midstream, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of Saddle Butte Pipeline O, LLC, held a biding open season ending on Oct.
One key position provision of FERC's open season provisions is that the regulations must promote competition in the exploration, development and production of Alaskan natural gas.
NYSE: NS) announced today the launch of a Binding Open Season by its affiliate, NuStar Logistics, L.
19, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Hiland Crude, LLC (Hiland) today announced the launch of an open season to solicit shipper commitments to expanded capacity of Hiland's Double H crude oil transportation system, a new 488 mile pipeline currently under construction.
Hiland Crude, LLC recently held an open season to solicit shipper interest for crude oil transportation service involving an expansion of its 488-mile Double H Pipeline that is currently under construction.