open question

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open question

An issue or topic that cannot be readily resolved or decided; a question that has a variety of different answers or perspectives. Whether veganism is good for your health is an open question—you'll get a different take depending on whom you ask. How the government should go about dismantling the organization is still something of an open question.
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open question

An unresolved issue, one that has not been finally determined. For example, Whether the town should pave all the unpaved roads remains an open question. In the mid-1800s this term acquired a specific meaning in the British Parliament, that is, "an issue on which members may vote independently, without respect to their party affiliation."
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an open ˈquestion

(also open to ˈquestion) a matter that cannot be decided easily or that people hold several different views on: Whether private schools give children a better education is open to question.It’s an open question whether meat is bad for you.
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open question, an

An issue that has not been finally settled or determined. The adjective open has been so used since the early nineteenth century. The term acquired a specific meaning in the British Parliament: on open questions members may vote as they wish, independent of party. David Masson used it figuratively, as it often is today: “The summary decision of what had hitherto been an open question in the Church” (The Life of John Milton, 1859).
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And that has been the problem ever since 1991, when the USSR collapsed and the status of the sea became an open question Iran has always wanted to divide the sea's waters into five equal parts, with each country getting 20 percent.
Terri Langford writes that how instrumental Perry was in improving it remains an open question.
In addition, "budget programming remains an open question as we were not able to explain that this sector operates well and is very transparent despite efforts of the Finance Ministry," he said and urged to accomplish the process.
And of course, he invited 300 voters along to an open question and answer session.
Earlier this year, George said during a forum at the Union League Club that the diaconate was a more open question than the priesthood for women, the newspaper reported.
Dominic Grieve said it was "an open question" whether the Press should be prosecuted for reporting on MPs who use Parliamentary privilege to breach court orders.
"Even if we eventually come up with a computational account of how the social brain works that is truly aligned with the neuroscience data, it remains an open question what such an account would look like.
European Council President Herman Van Rompuy has said a revision of the Lisbon Treaty remains an 'open question'.
Whether this time it means the planet is dying, is an open question.
Mr Miliband took the jibe in good humour, telling Mr Hague: "Quite whether that is good for my prospects or not is a rather open question."
The Open Question Argument is alleged to show that if moral realism is true, then each moral property must be identical with some non-natural property and that each moral term like "good" does not have some natural property as its content.
REAL MADRID midfielder Rafael van der Vaart has refuted reports linking him with Chelsea, insisting his future remains an open question.
How the mountains formed is an open question. One possibility is that underground, tectonic forces pulled apart the outer crust of the moon.
Whether it's an accurate harbinger of things to come remains an open question.
And after a year of meetings, site visits, field hearings and public comment, it is still an open question. That's understandable, considering the political climate in which the commission operates.