open (one's) heart (to someone)

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open (one's) heart (to someone)

To share one's deepest or most intimate emotions, thoughts, or secrets. Samantha finally opened her heart to me last night about how grief-stricken she's been since her father passed away. My father was a cold man, and he never opened his heart to anyone.
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open one's heart to someone or something

1. Fig. to tell all of one's private thoughts to someone. I didn't mean to open my heart to you. She opened her heart to the wrong magazine, and it published a scandalous story.
2. Fig. to become loving and solicitous toward someone; to donate money generously to someone or some cause. We opened our hearts to Fred, who was soliciting for a good cause. We hope you will all open your hearts to our plea.
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open one's heart to

Confide in, reveal one's thoughts and feelings to, as in Last night Meg opened her heart to her sister concerning her marriage. This expression uses heart in the sense of "the seat of thought and emotion," a usage dating from the 9th century.
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open your heart


pour your heart out

COMMON If you open your heart or pour your heart out, you tell someone your most private thoughts, feelings or problems. Note: The heart is traditionally regarded as the centre of the emotions. It was Lady Holland, his favourite correspondent, to whom he opened his heart. Heather met an old school friend and poured her heart out about her unhappy marriage.
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open your ˈheart (to somebody)

tell somebody about your feelings, problems or worries: She longed to be able to open her heart to someone who would understand.
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If we want to be pure of heart we have to open our heart to God.
If we want to be pure of heart, we have to open our heart to God.
But today, I regret that when we open our hearts to you, you don't even recognise us.
The Church's invitation to reflect upon these truths is not to dishearten us by a pessimistic view of life, but rather to open our hearts to repentance and hope.
As we prepare for the special Christmas Day Let us open our hearts for the Lord to lead the way To bring to us his gifts of love,joy and peace Allowing his gentle presence to enter All our anxieties and worries to cease The gift of a saviour to our world Is what Christmas is all about Sharing this love with others really matters Without any doubt A time of celebrating life With those in need Supporting those less fortunate
The miracle that takes place when we open our hearts to God's love is that our external circumstances may not change, and yet all things are made new.
The accompaniment was sometimes thin, the technical prowess sometimes reminiscent of garage recording, but something in the melody, in the words, in the hot, true center of the music cracked open our hearts in a blissfully unhealable way, and we were the changers and the changed.
We are called to self-examination and repentance: the willingness to change direction, to open our hearts and give room to God's compassion as it seeks to bind up, to heal, and to make all things new and whole.
So we must sit quietly with the beautiful pay it homage with our stillness an attention, open our hearts to its rapture, and take its courage and compassion back into the routine of our daily lives.
Its strains have helped break open our hearts and lift our minds to God.