open mind

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open (one's) mind (to something)

To become or cause one to become receptive to or prepared to consider something, such as a topic, idea, opinion, perspective, etc. Being in college really helped open my mind to the myriad of beliefs and ideals to which different people around the world adhere. I know you're hesitant about seeing a psychic about this, but try opening your mind a bit—you might be pleasantly surprised!
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*open mind

a mind or attitude that is open to new ideas and opinions. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; keep~.) Please try to be nice and keep an open mind. It's all not as bad as you think.
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open mind

A mind receptive to different opinions and ideas, as in Her open mind could see merit in the new method. This phrase is often put as keep an open mind, as in The judge cautioned the jury to keep an open mind while hearing the evidence. [First half of 1800s]
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References in classic literature ?
But these questions of distrust were dismissed from Robin's open mind as soon as they had entered.
The facts as they touch Meg are all before you," she added; and Tibby sighed and felt it rather hard that, because of his open mind, he should be empanelled to serve as a juror.
He is a philosopher and a metaphysician, and one of the most advanced scientists of his day, and he has, I believe, an absolutely open mind.
They recently developed Open Mind, a new extension for the Chrome browser that displays a warning when users encounter fake or biased news.
Ang panawagan po natin sa kanila is to have a broader and a more open mind, hindi lang po basta pure - 'yung basta sa, coming from ideology,' he said.
The Open Mind has much to say about these thinkers as well, but is more interested in the way Cold War thought trickled down to the general public, and was integrated into education and discourse.
An open mind on a higher power WHILST I respect and appreciate everyone has their own views on the subject of religion and life, I do find it rather irksome that people dismiss the possibility of a higher power due to no miracles occurring and the cruelty of some who, in all honesty, are certainly not representing a faith but using it as an excuse for murder.
Open Mind Pakistan Telenor Pakistan's unique special trainee programme for enhancing awareness accessibility and inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (PWDs) has been recognised as a bestpractice case in an international research report entitled Mainstreaming persons with disabilities in Pakistan' commissioned by the British Council.
Police are keeping an open mind as to whether the incidents are linked or not.
Earlier, Aslam Hayat, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Telenor, and Shoaib Baig, Chief HR Officer and Vice President, Telenor, warmly welcomed all the Open Mind Trainees for bringing in technical prowess and professional acumen besides diversity and sheer inspiration to the company.
When quizzed over the possibility of bringing back the likes of Damien Duff and Shay Given, O'Neill said he'd be keeping an open mind.
Open Mind Technologies AG, one of the leading CAD/CAM software developers, is releasing hyperMILL 2013.
Open Mind therefore, looked forward for a solution that could fulfill it's business requirements.
SIR - We have been interested to read the responses (Letters November 30 and December 3) to our letter "Keep an open mind on Princes' palace site" (November 28).
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