open kimono

open (up) (one's) kimono

To be transparently open about one's plans, dealings, or intentions. I assure you that our company has opened our kimono about every aspect of our tax obligations to the state.
See also: kimono, open

open (up) one's kimono

Sl. to reveal what one is planning. (From the computer industry, referring especially to the involvement of the Japanese in this field.) Sam isn't one to open his kimono much when it comes to new products. Even if Tom appears to open up his kimono on this deal, don't put much stock in what he says.
See also: kimono, open
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What is the quasi-technical term for these descriptions overheard by the WM journalist Denise Robertson (1934 -): i) I''m coming into this with an open kimono.
This example is the essence of bad open kimono interviewing.
EVER been told to take a bite out of a reality sandwich after running an open kimono up a flagpole?
I'm coming into this with an open kimono Translation: Being willing to accept criticism of a suggestion or idea 4.
Say on pay, a provision of the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act that becomes effective next year, will have the effect of forcing public corporations to open kimonos that have long been cinched tight--even by companies with relatively transparent disclosure practices.