open into

open into (something)

1. To lead into some larger place or thing. The narrow ravine opens into a huge, lush valley. The patio opens into a large courtyard shared by the various residents of the building.
2. To lead into some larger or different topic or subject of conversation. The debate about tax reform opened into a discussion about what else could be done to curb the national deficit.
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open into something

to open inward to something. The passageway opened into a dining room. Our kitchen opens into a bright breakfast nook.
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Hollinshead, in his authoritative and widely read text of surgical anatomy of the head and neck, divides the anterior ethmoid cells into three groups: 1) the frontal recess cells, which open into the frontal recess of the middle meatus, 2) the infundibular cells, which open into the ethmoid infundibulum, and 3) the bullar (middle ethmoid) cells, which open directly into the middle meatus, either on or above the ethmoid bulla.