open eyes to

open (one's) eyes to (someone or something)

To see or realize the truth about a person or situation. Open your eyes to reality, Stan—they're just using you for cheap labor!
See also: eye, open

open someone's eyes to someone or something

Fig. to cause someone, including oneself, to become aware of someone or something. We finally opened our eyes to what was going on around us. The events of last night opened my eyes to Tom.
See also: eye, open
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In addition, a total of 249,205 [pounds sterling] has been awarded to eye care for the development and installation of Open Eyes to support electronic referrals to and from secondary healthcare settings.
Her achievements would change a city--and open eyes to life in the slums.
We want to continue this growth with dedicated individuals who have excellent communication and problem solving skills--and the new career section will open eyes to the many opportunities and pique interest in the professional pest management industry.
This promotion should open eyes to the potential of film distribution over the Internet.
The end-to-end solution that HP is providing to the Women's World Cup is one that not only will keep up with the pace and demand, but one we feel will help open eyes to the innovative uses of technology and HP products.