open eyes

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open (one's) eyes

1. To see or realize the truth about something. Open your eyes, Stan—they're just using you for cheap labor!
2. To cause one to see or realize the truth about something. The documentary really opened my eyes about the conditions in that country.
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open your/somebody’s ˈeyes (to something)

realize or make somebody realize the truth about something: The trip to China really opened our eyes.He opened my eyes to the beauty of poetry. ▶ an ˈeye-opener noun: The programme on police methods was a real eye-opener for me.
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open (one's) eyes

To become aware of the truth of a situation.
See also: eye, open
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Last month the Welsh Government Health Minister, Mark Drakeford (pictured above right), visited Cardiff University's School of Optometry and Vision Sciences to see the Open Eyes system being used in its eye clinic.
To Open Eyes offers a detailed accounting of the life of an artist-teacher who is now regarded as a "Twentieth Century Master.
The fourth section, "The Open Eyes of the Dead," is filled with poems about those who died violently, all too common in contemporary history, both in war and peace.
Since we see little modern dance from that nation, despite its geographic proximity, the arrival of the Tania Perez-Salas Compania de Danza Contemporanea should open eyes around this country.
According to the Finnish business magazine Talouselama, Jacob Wallenberg, CEO of SEB, has said that SEB could acquire the banking operations and was looking at the prospect with open eyes.
Her achievements would change a city--and open eyes to life in the slums.
Although this isn't my first time below the Mason-Dixon Line, visited with open eyes.