open book

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an open book

1. Something that is easy to understand or decipher. These legal contracts are anything but an open book.
2. One who acts (or purports to act) honestly, with no secrets. Ask me anything, I'm an open book. Adam says he's an open book, but I've seen him sneaking out of his house late at night.
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(like an) open book

Fig. [of someone or something] easy to understand. Jane's an open book. I always know what she is going to do next. The committee's intentions are an open book. They want to save money.
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open book

Something or someone that can be readily examined or understood, as in His entire life is an open book. This metaphoric expression is often expanded to read someone like an open book, meaning "to discern someone's thoughts or feelings"; variations of this metaphor were used by Shakespeare: "Read o'er the volume of young Paris' face," ( Romeo and Juliet, 1:3) and "O, like a book of sport thou'lt read me o'er" ( Troilus and Cressida, 4:5). [Mid-1800s] For an antonym, see closed book.
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As k [right arrow] [infinity], the probability that an open book (S,[g.
Deciding on key metrics and having a scoreboard that allows everyone to track progress are important elements in successful open book management.
Chancellor of the Diocese of Newcastle Judge David Hodson said: "The design is flawed - it simply does not look as an open book should look.
Enjoy your drink at a cozy table in the Open Book Cafe, located just outside the used book room, or in one of the many comfortable chairs sprinkled throughout the library.
However, an open book process will allow Attawapiskat First Nation to choose one particular company for a specific job.
In a Nation where information sharing has become a priority as law enforcement works together to investigate crimes and prevent terrorist acts, the UCR Program remains an open book for all who wish to better understand crime in the United States.
OPEN BOOK TEST DIRECTIONS: Circle correct letter or fill in the blank.
Tesco and Sainsbury left suppliers at IGD's Factory Gate, Open Book and Beyond conference in no doubt that they plan to continue their factory gate pricing strategies and that the new focus would now be on `beyond'.
INSIDE A LEADER When he's not wooing legislators, teachers or foundations, Wartgow can often be found with an open book.
He chose the Protestant King James Version of the Commandments to display in the form of an open book on the top of the monument.
Unlike typical international acquisitions, this holistic approach serves as an open book between advisor and client.
We're very family-oriented, have a profit sharing plan and have an open book philosophy with our customers.
The three-year open book agreement covers the management of Sainsbury's new Hams Hall 'fulfilment factory'.
Open Book, Case Closed: The Democratic Paradox of Minnesota's New Literary Center