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ooze (out) (from someone or something)

 and ooze out (of someone or something)
to seep out of someone or something. The heavy oil oozed out from the hole in the barrel. Some blood was oozing out of his nose.

ooze with something

1. Lit. to flow or seep with something; to be covered with some oozing substance. The wound oozed with blood. The roast beef oozed with juices.
2. Fig. [for someone] to exude an ingratiating or insincere manner. The used-car salesman oozed with insincerity. The young woman oozed with charm.
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References in classic literature ?
If the sea, then oozing in smoothly over the Shivering Sand, had been changed into dry land before my own eyes, I doubt if I could have been more surprised than I was when Mr.
for the honest locksmith, and a broad glare, suddenly streaming up, bespoke the goodness of the crackling log from which a brilliant train of sparks was doubtless at that moment whirling up the chimney in honour of his coming--when, superadded to these enticements, there stole upon him from the distant kitchen a gentle sound of frying, with a musical clatter of plates and dishes, and a savoury smell that made even the boisterous wind a perfume--Gabriel felt his firmness oozing rapidly away.
But the execution is flawless, Alan oozing star quality like Lassie oozed rabies.
OOZING character, this historic home has much to offer those seeking a period property.
We're oozing courage, oozing commitment and oozing character - that's what we have got.
They're oozing character - they've shown that many, many times before to me.
Cultural anthropologist, historian, social scientist, and outdoorsman Dennis Roth presents Oozing the Moon: A Sky and Night Woods Guide to the Galaxy, a memoir of his search for vision and illumination through experiencing the outdoors and the night sky.
On closer inspection, I saw a river of silt oozing out of its base.
Lily Allen arrived in Newcastle this week oozing the class and style you would expect from a top-class artist.
The self-standing container also prevents glue from oozing onto work surfaces and keeps the glue away from the nozzle for continued clog-free performance.
But new findings suggest that Enceladus (pronounced en-SELL-ah-dus) is oozing heat.
The mystery substance, first reported by residents as a sewage-like smell early Monday, erupted in the 1200 block of South Olive Street, oozing from manholes and buckling the street.
If life is ordinary, / so is death," our sister (soon my sister) told me // between books, then offered her solution / for my pitiful, languishing garden--/ its tomatoes oozing a thin, black blood, / its shrunken peppers, with their stunted heads: // Miracle Gro and water, but not from the tap.
Under the photo Hirschhorn had blue-penned his signature drips, signifying the oozing of one element into another.