ooze with

ooze with (something)

1. To have some substance seep, trickle, or pour slowly out. The large metal drums oozed with toxic waste. The pastry was oozing with a delicious cream filling.
2. To overflow or abound with something. She just oozes with charisma and positivity. The famous actor oozes with sex appeal in his latest role.
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ooze with something

1. Lit. to flow or seep with something; to be covered with some oozing substance. The wound oozed with blood. The roast beef oozed with juices.
2. Fig. [for someone] to exude an ingratiating or insincere manner. The used-car salesman oozed with insincerity. The young woman oozed with charm.
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References in classic literature ?
Allied to the bottom of the river rather than the surface, by reason of the slime and ooze with which it was covered, and its sodden state, this boat and the two figures in it obviously were doing something that they often did, and were seeking what they often sought.
Laced with ancestral invocations and the confluences of polity, these are forthright poems that pound with heart rhythms, ooze with street love and call for a brazen fist.
It is this attention given to the sound and overall concept of the music that makes all the difference: a certain formality in place of illdisciplined jamming, and a clarity of purpose which would ooze with style if style oozed, which I doubt.
With sections devoted to his boyfriend, his life with HIV, and the many facets of his homeland, Paul's essays and journal entries ooze with uniquely Australian charm.