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ooze out of (someone or something)

To seep or pour slowly out of someone or something. Used especially of viscous liquids. After eating so much junk food all day, it felt like grease was just oozing out of my pores. He sat on the curb, blood oozing out of him as he waited for the ambulance. Toxic sludge oozed out of the containers dumped in the park by the energy company.
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ooze from

1. To seep, trickle, or poor slowly out of something. After eating so much junk food all day, it felt like grease was just oozing from my pores. Toxic sludge oozed from the containers dumped in the park by the energy company.
2. Of some trait or characteristic, to overflow out of someone. Charisma just seems to ooze from her. Style and class oozed from him like a fashion model.
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ooze with (something)

1. To have some substance seep, trickle, or pour slowly out. The large metal drums oozed with toxic waste. The pastry was oozing with a delicious cream filling.
2. To overflow or abound with something. She just oozes with charisma and positivity. The famous actor oozes with sex appeal in his latest role.
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ooze (out) (from someone or something)

 and ooze out (of someone or something)
to seep out of someone or something. The heavy oil oozed out from the hole in the barrel. Some blood was oozing out of his nose.

ooze with something

1. Lit. to flow or seep with something; to be covered with some oozing substance. The wound oozed with blood. The roast beef oozed with juices.
2. Fig. [for someone] to exude an ingratiating or insincere manner. The used-car salesman oozed with insincerity. The young woman oozed with charm.
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OOZE FACTOR: The butter didn't reach the bottom so on the dry side SCORE: 3.
Muddy Ooze was a wonderful place, except for one thing.
One wrong step onto a weakened tube, and Edmonds could fall into the blistering-hot ooze.
Experiments show that matchstick-size slivers of hydrogel, the type of material used for soft contact lenses, can ooze along like snails, slither like snakes, and creep ahead like inchworms.
As seawater flooded the ship and oil started to ooze, its crew radioed a frantic SOS (see diagram, p.
A sample of mysterious ooze has shed new light on the use of biological weapons in 1993 by the Japanese cult Aum Shinrikyo.
The fossil-bearing chalk deposits were laid down as ocean-floor ooze hundreds of kilometers from the waterways shores.
But they do know that gases dissolved in the magma, like carbon dioxide bubbles in a shaken soda bottle, help propel the pressurized ooze through cracks in Earth's crust.
The seafloor sediments in place at the time contained tiny living marine organisms, called dinoflagellates, which spend part of their life cycle in a cyst buried in ocean-floor ooze.
Sperm of the nematode Caenorhabditis elegans ooze around like amoebas instead of swimming like, say, human sperm.