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onto (one)

1. Having knowledge, suspicions, or awareness of one's actions, behavior, or intention, especially that which is deceptive or underhanded. You'd better tread carefully—I'm catching onto you now. The police are onto us! Everybody run!
2. In contact with one at a given point in time. I'll be onto you tomorrow about the details of our meeting. I was onto John yesterday about where he wants to go for his birthday.

onto (something)

1. Having knowledge, suspicions, or awareness of something deceptive or underhanded. You'd better tread carefully—I'm onto you now. The police are onto us! Everybody run!
2. Discovering, realizing, or in the process of doing something of great importance, value, or insight. Great work on this essay, Lindsay. I really think you're onto something here. Scientists now believe they may be onto a cure for cancer.
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*onto someone

seeing through someone's deception. (*Typically: be ~; get ~; catch ~.) By the time we got on to the con artists, they were out of town. The sheriff got onto Jed, and Jed wanted to get out of town fast.

*onto something

1. Fig. alerted to or aware of a deceitful plan. (*Typically: be ~; catch ~.) The cops are onto your little game here. Fig. having found something useful or promising; on the verge of discovering something. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I think we are really onto something this time. lam onto a new discovery.
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