oneself again

(oneself) again

Back to one's normal physical health or mental disposition. It took a lot of therapy, but I'm finally starting to feel like myself again. He hasn't been himself since the accident.
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*oneself again

showing signs of being healthy again or restored. (*Typically: act like ~; be ~; feel like ~; seem like ~.) After such a longillness, it'sgoodto be myself again. I'm sorry that I lost my temper. I think I feel like myself again now.
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The Latin root of the word conversation means "to twist" or "to turn": In other words, conversation means entering into ever new negotiations, repositioning oneself again and again.
Summary: Austrian artist Philip Mueller's autobiographical work for Carbon 12's 50th exhibition looks at the meaning of freedom, and finding oneself again
One does it for what happens afterwards, "when, by closing the book, one is brought back to oneself again after this excursion and this rest and recuperation, one feels healthy again in one's newly discovered, newly shaken-up very own being, after beholding it for a mere instant from a distance, and which now stays at home, but with a freer head." Estrange yourself in another and you will open a space beyond yourself in your self.
One has a shelf life in a performance- oriented job and needs to prove oneself again after a point in time." Mail Today
Thereafter, one must closely integrate oneself again (Soltoft, 2007), and in this process, choose oneself, including all that has happened to the self.
I paused to watch the Arno flow its slightly grimy malachite beyond the final city bridge, deciding not to pose for a quick charcoal sketch, for who really needs to see oneself again, living a second, insentient life as a portrait hung above the bed.
The irony here is that the very thing Kate and her mother share--the sense of the world as a place in which one is not at home, where one has to establish oneself again and again--has been less a connection than a source of struggle between them.
Passions, uncertainties, mistakes, repentance, anxiety, hopes, leaving, returning, losing oneself, finding oneself, losing oneself again." Renato's reasoning proceeds by association of ideas and sensations.
As if one were a night watchman moving through a recently vacated building, opening doors and then closing them behind oneself again, in these images small universes reveal themselves for a few seconds and can be grasped only momentarily and in fragments.