one-trick pony

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a one-trick pony

A person, group, or thing that is known for or limited to only one unique or noteworthy skill, talent, ability, quality, area of success, etc. The app developers took the world by storm with an incredibly addictive game for smartphones, but they've really been seen as just a one-trick pony ever since that breakthrough success. As most readers suspected, the famed fantasy writer turned out to be a bit of a one-trick pony, genre-wise, with his debut novel in literary fiction being universally panned by critics.
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one-trick pony (or horse)

someone or something specializing in only one area, having only one talent, or of limited ability. chiefly US
2005 DVD Verdict Joan Collins…may be a one-trick pony (she's been playing nothing but variations on her Alexis Carrington for the past twenty years), but what a trick it is.
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I'm no one-trick pony, I'm a field of them STUART BAGGS THE APPRENTICE 2010
But while he may be Carry On-camp, he never exploits this and it's clear he's more than just a one-trick pony.
We want to show people we're not a one-trick pony with this next album.
As much as I despise Mayor Hahn, I may vote for him because we already know he is a one-trick pony and a champion of deceit.
The obvious answer, which cleaves Reed fans from skeptics, is that he's a one-trick pony.
Neufeld of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, who studies water masers, notes that the measurements amount to "a one-trick pony," since few galaxies are known to contain masers and even fewer can also be easily observed from Earth.
If Bausch is a one-trick pony, her tricks are our truths -- exaggerated, distorted, dramatized.
CHICAGO -- Nadine Wong, editor of the BioTech Stock Report newsletter, says Sepracor (NASDAQ:SEPR) is not a one-trick pony since its insomnia drug is just one part of its potential.
EMERGING star Jack Conan insisted he's no one-trick pony as he sets his sights on backing up Jamie Heaslip in the Six Nations.
PAUL HARTLEY insists Dundee won't be a one-trick pony - and vows to keep their rivals guessing.
CHRIS MAGUIRE will always be remembered for his Scotland Under-21s wonder goal - but now he wants a debut for the full team this week to prove he's no one-trick pony.
It's official, folks, Ms Millican is not a one-trick pony.
It was a great opportunity for me to show another side of my talent - that I'm not just a one-trick pony, but someone who can also act.
For five manic nights, C4 inexplicably allowed this one-trick pony to present his weirdly named Ponderland - a kind of Tarrant On TV clips show without the laughs.
However, he is the toughest of nuts to crack there, and demonstrated that he is more than a one-trick pony when landing his first Grade 1 success on the turf in this $300,000 contest.