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one-day wonder

A person or thing that generates interest for only a short amount of time. The band's biggest fear was becoming a one-day wonder, soon to be forgotten when the next big sound hit the airwaves.
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a one-day wonder


a nine-day wonder

A one-day wonder or a nine-day wonder is someone or something that is interesting, effective or successful for only a very short time. If the goal was simply to make people aware of environmental problems it was a great success. Our fear, though, is that this may prove to be a one-day wonder. When such an incident was occasionally reported in the press it was a nine-day wonder. Note: Other numbers can be used instead of one or nine. The right-wing politician had until recently been dismissed as a seven-day wonder following the success of his party in local elections. Note: `A nine-day wonder' may be related to the Catholic `Novena' festivals, which last for nine days.
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308 Fall: 1-53; 2-60; 3-281; 4-288; 5-302 Bowling: Starc 10-0-71-2; Cummins 10-0-63-2; Tye 10-0-43-0; Stoinis 6-0-33-1; Zampa 10-0-72-0; Marsh 2-0-15-0; Head 0.5-0-6-0 Umpires: S Fry and C Gaffaney SCOREBOARD OUR ONE-DAY WONDERS NE-England's highest ODI scores 180 - Jason Roy v Australia, Melbourne, Jan 2018 171 - Alex Hales v Pakistan, Trent Bridge, Aug 2016 167no - Robin Smith v Australia, Edgbaston, May 1993 162 - Jason Roy v Sri Lanka, The Oval, June 2016 158 - David Gower v New Zealand, Brisbane, Jan 1983 158 - Andrew Strauss v India, Bangalore, Feb 2011 154 - Andrew Strauss v Bangladesh, Edgbaston, July 2010 152 - Andrew Strauss v Bangladesh, Trent Bridge, June 2005 142no - Bill Athey v New Zealand, Old Trafford, Jul 1986 142 - Graham Gooch v Pakistan, Karachi, Nov 1987
In the culinary business - what we need is not one-day wonders - but delivering service excellence consistently for each and every guest, day after day endlessly.
There are many upsets in the world of sport which shock and surprise us, but these are usually one-day wonders or tournament blips.
domains that most frequently used One-Day Wonders, are mailicious.
2 -- Of the top 50 parent domains that most frequently used One-Day Wonders, 22 percent were malicious.
Blue Coat Reveals Security Risks From "One-Day Wonders" Websites
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ENGLAND went from one-day wonders to one-day wallies as they slumped to a humiliating defeat to tiny Bangladesh.
WARWICKSHIRE'S big-hitters ensured that Ashley Giles' unstoppable one-day wonders kept their storming run going.
Alas, all too soon the lunch broke up: the editors of the Times and the FT fled first, followed by our shadow minister breaking away to knock on doors in Godalming and, lastly, by the drift of Sunday editors off to stoke the fires of next weekend's one-day wonders.
ANDREW STRAUSS has told his England team-mates: Beat South Africa today and we'll be one-day wonders.
The Dragons concluded a truly wonderful campaign in the Norwich Union League with a 75-run defeat at the hands of Warwickshire, but there was no way an ultimately meaningless defeat would take the shine off a day of celebration for Glamorgan's one-day wonders.
But the England batsman was undone by an outstanding catch from Rob Turner, the tallest wicket-keeper in the championship, who stooped to conquer the left hander in the 28th over with an impossible 187 still needed to upset Cox's one-day wonders.
Two more one-day wonders in Ian Austin and Graham Lloyd, and an England 'A' tourist in Glen Chapple.
It was one of those one-day wonders that reach out of the foreign news to briefly horrify us, before sliding back into oblivion.