be on the carpet

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be on the carpet

1. To be facing rebuke from someone. When my team lost that big client, I knew I'd be the one on the carpet with my boss.
2. To be under discussion or consideration. We don't have time to discuss those issues, but don't worry, they'll be on the carpet the next time we meet.
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be on the ˈcarpet

(informal, especially American English) be criticized, especially by an employer or somebody in authority, because you have done something wrong: She’s on the carpet for spending too much of the company’s money on entertaining guests.
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on the carpet, to be/call/put

To be reproved or interrogated by one’s superior. In the eighteenth century a carpet was also a table cover, and to put something on the carpet meant for it to be on the table—that is, under discussion. However, to walk on the carpet meant, in the early nineteenth century, to be reprimanded, as generally only employers or gentry used carpeted floors, and a servant who did so was being summoned for a reproof. By the late nineteenth century carpets were exclusively floor coverings, but still confined to the rooms of the rich, highborn, or employers. Presumably they sometimes summoned underlings for other purposes than reprimand, but only that meaning survived, as in G. H. Lorimer’s 1902 letter: “The boss of the canning-room [will be] called on the carpet” (Letters of a Self-Made Merchant to His Son).
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