knock (one) off (one's) pedestal

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knock (one) off (one's) pedestal

1. To cause one to lose a leading or prominent position. At the end of the day, I think voters just wanted to knock the prime minister off his pedestal.
2. To reduce or damage one's ego or pride; to humble or humiliate one. I'm really glad that pompous oaf lost his court case—maybe that will knock him off his pedestal. It's about time someone knocked Sarah off her pedestal. Her snotty, rich-kid arrogance is intolerable!
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knock someone off their pedestal


knock someone from their pedestal

If someone or something knocks you off your pedestal or knocks you from your pedestal, they show people that you are not perfect or as good as they thought. Note: A pedestal is a base on which something such as a statue stands. He has been knocked off his pedestal by revelations about his private life. The tabloids have been trying for several years now to knock Jackson from his pedestal. Note: Other verbs such as push, take, and force can be used instead of knock. Many film stars of that generation were forced off their pedestal by the arrival of sound. Note: This expression is very variable. For example, you can say that someone falls off their pedestal if they do something that shows people that they are not perfect or that they should come down from their pedestal if you think that they should stop behaving as though they think they are perfect. If you are the best student one year, there is a danger of falling off your pedestal the next year. My advice to Paula is to come down from her pedestal and get in touch with reality.
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knock somebody off their ˈperch/ˈpedestal

show that somebody does not deserve to be admired so much: These revelations will really knock him off his pedestal.
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