be in seventh heaven

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be in seventh heaven

To be in a state of bliss or extreme happiness. I've been in seventh heaven ever since I got engaged!
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be in (your) seventh ˈheaven

be extremely happy: When she has all her grandchildren around her, she’s in seventh heaven.This comes from the belief that there are seven heavens and that God and the most important angels live in the highest or seventh heaven.
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seventh heaven, to be in

To be in a state of bliss. Both the Moslems and the ancient Jews recognized seven heavens, corresponding to the seven planets, the highest of which was the abode of God and the top-ranking angels. By the nineteenth century the term had been extended to mean a blissful state, without any religious or otherworldly connotation. Thus Sir Walter Scott wrote (St. Ronan’s Well, 1824): “He looked upon himself as approaching to the seventh heaven.”
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