be cut out for (something)

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be cut out for (something)

To be naturally suited to something, such as an activity or task. I gave it a shot, but I just don't think I'm cut out for ice skating. Dad says I'm not cut out for the military, but I think I can thrive in that environment.
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be cut out for (or to be)

have exactly the right qualities for a particular role, task, or job. informal
The sense of cut out here is ‘formed or fashioned by cutting’, as the pieces of a garment are cut out from the fabric.
1992 Paul Auster Leviathan Whenever I stopped and examined my own behavior, I concluded that I wasn't cut out for marriage.
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be cut ˈout for somebody/something


be cut ˈout to be something

be well suited in character or ability to a person, a job, or an activity: She wasn’t a great journalist. She was more cut out for television reporting.Why did he join the army? He’s really not cut out to be a soldier.
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cut out for, to be

To be suited for or capable of some activity or position. The term comes from tailoring, where cloth is cut out (into pieces) to make a specific garment. It was used figuratively by 1700. An early appearance occurs in Gilbert Burnet’s History of My Own Times (ca. 1715): “He was not cut out for a Court.”
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