a/one smart cookie

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smart cookie

A clever and intelligent person. Don't underestimate Cindy's intelligence—she's one smart cookie!
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a smart cookie

If someone is a smart cookie, they are clever and have good ideas. Anyone who made billions in the Russian oil industry is clearly a smart cookie. Helen's a pretty smart cookie — I trust her.
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a/one smart ˈcookie

(American English, informal) a clever person with good ideas: Jed is one smart cookie. I’m sure he’ll do the right thing.
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smart cookie

n. a clever person. She’s really a smart cookie if you give her a chance.
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com/better-call-saul-spoilers-season-3-episode-2-synopsis-promo-sneak-peek-released-2523825) "Better Call Saul" Season 3, episode 2 and it reminded us that he is one smart cookie.
You're one smart cookie who knows what you want--and how you're going to get there.
This is one smart cookie, and it comes as little surprise to find she is nurturing a long-term plan to work in the media.
She was only a baker's daughter, but she was one smart cookie.
She had been educated at Radcliffe and Harvard (majoring in comparative government, a rather useful subject-matter in Asia), had topped it off with a fancy degree from Oxford, and so was generally regarded as one smart cookie.
There's no denying that with more than three full years of training and experience under her belt, Kirsty is one smart cookie.
John Nez's ONE SMART COOKIE (0807560995) tells of a smart dog who loves to read and uses his knowledge to help his owners.
THE broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan is one smart cookie.
The 18-year-old just started her studies at Queens University in Belfast this year - and is one smart cookie.
She gets a lot of material from her own social observation - don't forget she's one smart cookie with a BA in English and a degree in in anthropology.
Armed with Toyota's legendary reliability record, the Yaris is one smart cookie.