one of those things

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one of those things

An unexpected or random occurrence. This phrase is often used when one wants to dismiss something without further discussion or concern. A: "I thought you weren't coming!" B: "Oh, you know, my schedule cleared up at the last minute—it was just one of those things." Getting sick is just one of those things, Mom. Don't worry about it!
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(just) one of those things

used to indicate that you wish to pass over an unfortunate event or experience by regarding it as unavoidable or to be accepted.
See also: of, one, thing, those

(just) ˌone of those ˈthings

used to say that unfortunate things do happen sometimes and we must accept this fact: He doesn’t love me any more and there’s absolutely nothing I can do about it. It’s just one of those things.
See also: of, one, thing, those
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I thank you for it, but in truth you owe the Observer no apology--it was just one of those things that happen in the heat of publication.
Jefferson said: "The injury was one of those things. He stood in his box for three months-there was no need for an operation-but he's right now.
He told me: "It's just one of those things. At the time I thought this has wrecked my day."
"I thought this was one of those things they just never got around to changing....
It's been one of those things in earth science where people know it goes on, but no one to date had really developed a good way of measuring it, so it's generally not talked about,' says Burnett.
"Then in the second half, it's one of those things again when you're on top and you lose concentration for a split second and it costs is a goal.