be on the warpath

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be on the warpath

slang To be overtly angry and/or looking for retribution. One of many expressions often considered offensive for making reference to Native American stereotypes or tropes. I'd avoid the boss if I were you—he's on the warpath and screaming at everyone he sees.
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be/go on the ˈwarpath

(informal) be angry and ready for an argument or a fight about something: Look out — the boss is on the warpath again!In the past, if Native Americans were on the warpath, they were going to war or preparing to attack somebody.
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on the warpath, to be/go

To be infuriated enough to seek out the person or agency responsible. This Native American term was used quite literally by James Fenimore Cooper in The Deerslayer (1841) to describe a character who had never engaged in battle (“He has never been on a warpath”). By the end of the nineteenth century it was loosely used to describe anyone on an angry rampage.
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