a/one hundred per cent

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a/one hundred per ˈcent

completely: I agree with you one hundred per cent.
See also: cent, hundred, one, per
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Tax exemption up to 80 percent are being offered to investments in the industry and mine sector, he said, adding that the figure will be one hundred percent for a period of ten years in underdeveloped areas.
One hundred percent of the SES-ers and those currently in the program would recommend the program to others, as would 97 percent of all graduates.
The grassroots biodiesel movement speaks to the BIO0 user--that is, the small consumer who is interested in running down the road on one hundred percent biodeisel.
It is easy to assume, therefore, that the Palestinian enclave will continue to grow until one day it will reach one hundred percent of the West Bank territory and become a nation.
The company has established a world-class reputation for solving obsolescence problems by developing microcontrollers and peripheral ICs that are one hundred percent compatible with an original manufacturer's part in response to an End of Life notice.
One hundred percent of the city's water supply is imported from the Sierra Nevada.
Anderson"), and another partner have jointly agreed to acquire one hundred percent (100%) working interest in a six well production property located in Grant Parish, Louisiana from a Lafayette, Louisiana based company.
based public oil and gas exploration company with one hundred percent (100%) of its assets located in Europe, primarily the Samara region of Russia.
Joint efforts between Reverse Mortgage of America and their document preparation partners resulted in one hundred percent data pull through and the dynamic generation of initial disclosures/closing packages, thus eliminating costly data entry errors and the rekeying of data.
Under the terms of the purchase Star Energy acquired one hundred percent (100%) of Volga-Neft from its owners/founders in exchange for ten million (10,000,000) newly issued but restricted shares of Star Energy.
The reorganization agreement exchanges 2 million shares of Intercell common stock for one hundred percent (100%) of the issued and outstanding of NewMarket China and has been disclosed in a Current Report on Form 8K filed earlier in the month.
Currently, Michigan Gold retains a one hundred percent (100%) title to a Platinum/Palladium prospect in Shillington Township named the "Deadmoose Lake" property.
One hundred percent of the proceeds will benefit the National Geographic's World Cultures Fund.