one-horse race

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one-horse race

A competition in which one participant is superior to the others and thus more likely to win. After interviewing all of the job candidates, it's clearly a one-horse race. Nobody can beat Kim's experience and qualifications.
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a one-horse race

mainly BRITISH
If a contest is a one-horse race, it is obvious even before it starts that one person or team is much better than the others and will win. Marseilles are threatening to turn the French championship into a one-horse race. The election was a one-horse race really, the president winning by a massive majority.
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one-horse race

a contest in which one candidate or competitor is clearly superior to all the others and seems certain to win.
1995 Sun (Baltimore) The Rangers, who have won six of their last seven, could make it a one-horse race in a hurry.
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a one-horse ˈrace

a competition, etc. in which there is only one team or candidate with a chance of winning: It seems that the presidential elections are going to be a one-horse race this time. OPPOSITE: be wide open
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Last year, they joined hands with Kokotsha racing association to stage one horse race which was successful, but this year that was not the case.
Women's League no longer one horse race LAST season it was pretty obvious from a very early stage which team would win the North Wales Women's Football League title.
There should be no such thing as a safe seat, and it's only a one horse race if the other horses refuse to leave the stalls.
Julie Dakin Well done Leigh, you are the first one to come second in a one horse race! You did yourself, Wales, Britain,and rugby proud.
Stephen Hendry's right - it's a one horse race and thank God for Ronnie O'Sullivan.
But competition judge Simon Cowell said it was too early to describe the show as a "one horse race" and said there are still a number of performers yet to appear.
But it was a one horse race from the changeover, the powerful Richard Morris leading the way with two short-range touchdowns.
That this was a one horse race and you couldn't lose?
This is far from a one horse race, but Scoop6 players should look to include Australia after his good third in the 2,000 Guineas.
Bookies are predicting the Fianna F[sz]il leadership fight is a "one horse race".
It was a one horse race through the final furlong as Olivier Peslier produced the favourite on the outside as trailblazing Helissio fell away tamely.
So in a virtual one horse race I ask where's the money promised by your Con/Dem buddies Joe?
ABBEY Villa are still the team to beat as the Division 1A title race threatens to become a one horse race.
THE boss of Britain's biggest bookmakers claims one horse race a day is fixed.