have a heart of stone

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have a heart of stone

To be very cold, mean, or callous by nature. The politician remained indifferent to the city's poverty crisis, causing many of his detractors to accuse him of having a heart of stone.
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have a heart of stone

Fig. to be cold and unfriendly. Sally has a heart of stone. She never even smiles. The villain in the play had a heart of stone. He was cruel to everyone.
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have a heart of ˈstone

be a person who does not show others sympathy or pity: Don’t ask her to give any money to the fund — she’s got a heart of stone. ▶ ˌstony-ˈhearted adj.
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heart of stone, to have a

To be an unfeeling, pitiless person. This term dates from the time of Homer: “Thy heart is even harder than stone” appears in his Odyssey (ca. 850 b.c.). Several centuries later it turns up in the Bible, in the Book of Job (41:24): “His heart is as firm as a stone; yea, as hard as a piece of the nether millstone.”
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