one for the book

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one for the (record) book(s)

A remarkable, unusual, and unexpected event, occurrence, or piece of news. Mr. Literature Snob reading a trashy romance novel? Now that's one for the books! A: "After the concert, I ran into the singer at a pub down the road from the venue. It turns out his mother went to the same school as mine!" B: "Wow, there's one for the record books!"
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one for the (record) books

An outstanding, memorable, or record-breaking event or achievement. Wow, you finished a 32-ounce steak in less than five minutes? That's one for the record books! You should have seen your faces when Dad popped out of the bushes to scare you! Boy, that was one for the books.
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one for the book

something particularly noteworthy. informal
The expression is based on the notion of a sporting or other achievement that merits a permanent record.
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'I think this is one for the books, I won't ever forget this one and I hope we can bring glory to our country.'
CANNES May 18's party was one for the books. Actually, it was one for two books.