one for the book

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one for the (record) book(s)

A remarkable, unusual, and unexpected event, occurrence, or piece of news. Mr. Literature Snob reading a trashy romance novel? Now that's one for the books! A: "After the concert, I ran into the singer at a pub down the road from the venue. It turns out his mother went to the same school as mine!" B: "Wow, there's one for the record books!"
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one for the (record) books

An outstanding, memorable, or record-breaking event or achievement. Wow, you finished a 32-ounce steak in less than five minutes? That's one for the record books! You should have seen your faces when Dad popped out of the bushes to scare you! Boy, that was one for the books.
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one for the book

something particularly noteworthy. informal
The expression is based on the notion of a sporting or other achievement that merits a permanent record.
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We have come to reflect on what this One for the Books has taught us,'' he said.
One for the Books opened in 1976 in Newhall's Plaza Posada.
But supporters of One for the Books fired a final, parting shot Monday.
Faith and a sense of civic duty kept One for the Books in the fight until now, Heidt said.
When One for the Books closes its doors, the Santa Clarita Valley's roughly 175,000 residents will have just two locally owned retail bookstores, both small and both affiliated with religious groups.
said the company's expansion is driven by economics, not the undercutting of independent stores such as One for the Books.
Historically, in towns such as ours, a lot of the heart and soul is the fact that the small retailers were people who were your neighbors,'' said Ben Boydston, artistic director for the Canyon Theatre Guild and a longtime customer of One for the Books.
One for the Books also carries two books that are perhaps the only detailed history books specific to the Santa Clarita Valley: ``A California Legend'' by Ruth Waldo Newhall and ``Valley of the Golden Dream'' by Jerry Reynolds.
But a local flavor was not enough to help One for the Books compete with big advertising budgets, economies of scale and deep discounts.
Photo: One for the Books owner Jan Heidt will be closing her bookstore in the Santa Clarita Valley after 23 years of operation.
PHOTO Santa Clarita Mayor Jan Heidt, owner of One for the Books, aims to gain attention for small businesses.