one-day wonder

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one-day wonder

A person or thing that generates interest for only a short amount of time. The band's biggest fear was becoming a one-day wonder, soon to be forgotten when the next big sound hit the airwaves.
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a one-day wonder


a nine-day wonder

A one-day wonder or a nine-day wonder is someone or something that is interesting, effective or successful for only a very short time. If the goal was simply to make people aware of environmental problems it was a great success. Our fear, though, is that this may prove to be a one-day wonder. When such an incident was occasionally reported in the press it was a nine-day wonder. Note: Other numbers can be used instead of one or nine. The right-wing politician had until recently been dismissed as a seven-day wonder following the success of his party in local elections. Note: `A nine-day wonder' may be related to the Catholic `Novena' festivals, which last for nine days.
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of these so-called 'One Day Wonders' shows that 22% are used in cyber crime,
They found that 71 percent of the hostnames, or 470 million, were "One Day Wonders," sites that appeared only for a single day.
* ONE DAY WONDERS: England captain Alistair Cook lines up with the same squad for the visit of Australia
ONE DAY WONDERS: Worcestershire celebrate their 2007 success and, left, Steve Rhodes
I admire the skill of One Day Wonders - morris dancers painted in oil - and the bizarre but striking Restless Serenade (conte pencil on paper) but turn to other pictures for my home environment.