(one) can't beat that

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(one) can't beat that

One cannot improve upon or surpass something, as in excellence, quality, value, etc. Wow, a whole meal for just $5? Can't beat that! Look at that majestic sunrise! Gosh, you can't beat that. A: "I know the car is old, but I would be giving it to you for free." B: "Well, you can't beat that!"
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(I) can't beat that.

 and (I) can't top that.
Inf. I cannot do better than that.; I cannot exceed that. Henry: Thatwas really great. I can't beat that. Rachel: Yes, that was really good. "What a great joke! I can't top that," said Kate, still laughing.
See also: beat, that

(You) can't beat that.

 and (You) can't top that.
Inf. No one can do better than that. (This you represents both personal and impersonal antecedents. That is, it means second person singular or plural, and anyone.) Mary: Wow! Look at the size of that lobster! It looks yummy! Bill: Yeah. You can't beat that. I wonder what it's going to cost. "What a view! Nothing like it anywhere! You can't top this!" said Jeff, admiring his room's ocean view.
See also: beat, that
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