one after another

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one after another

Consecutively and in quick succession, with one person or thing rapidly following another in order (and usually indicating a large amount altogether). (Often formulated as "one (noun) after another.") The children walked silently, one after another, into the schoolhouse to begin their lesson. When I was cooped up in the house after my surgery, I started reading one book after another.
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one thing or person after another

a series of things or people that seems without limit. It's just one problem after another. One customer after another has been buying shoes today!
See also: after, another, one, person, thing

ˌone after aˈnother/the ˈother

first one person or thing, and then another, and then another, up to any number or amount: The bills kept coming in, one after another.
See also: after, another, one, other