one's way

*one's (own) way (with someone or something)

[get/have] one's control over someone or something. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) The mayor got his way with the city council. He seldom gets his own way. How often do you have your way with your own money? Parents usually have their way with their children.
See also: way

*one's (own) way

one's way of doing something; one's will or desire. (*Typically: get ~; have ~.) She always has to have her own way. She thinks no one else can do it right.
See also: way
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His list includes giving charity, distancing oneself from sin, straightening out one's ways, and changing one's name.
17 -- The moment one gets to read the phrase 'art of life', anywhere, any day, one gets a little petrified over one's ways of waywardness.
Change is always difficult and it is easy to get set in one's ways.
Failure to see the error of one's ways was understandable, for there was much profit to be made in Needless Alley.
The chapter on 'Satiric Nationalism', with its treatments of Swift, Voltaire, and Montesquieu, for instance enlarges one's ideas about generalizing and the reflections cast by elsewhere on one's ways of life.
There is time to wake up and realize the error of one's ways, and now is better than later.
But confronting the dark side of one's own character and changing one's ways is not necessarily the easy option.
And though the city has no statistical evidence, its judge believes the jail time is a powerful motivator for mending one's ways.
Unable to see the road beyond his dissatisfaction, the young monk stayed faithful to his special Benedictine vows of stability (remaining in his monastery) and conversio morum, the continual willingness to allow God's grace to "change one's ways.
In this moralizing tradition, the growth of consciousness is synonymous with the growth of conscience and a consequent adjustment of one's ways to the sober path of right action.
If Formula One's ways of functioning were to be significantly modified, Michelin would not hesitate in proposing its services to the different teams once again.