one's own worst enemy

(one's) own worst enemy

Causing complications to one's life or keeping oneself from success; self-destructive or self-sabotaging. Tommy's becoming his own worst enemy with the way he's been skipping school lately. She always sabotages a relationship when it's going really well because she's her own worst enemy. Mike gets so anxious on dates that he has a hard time making conversation—he ends up being his own worst enemy.
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*one's own worst enemy

Fig. consistently causing oneself to fail; more harmful to oneself than other people are. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Ellen: My boss is my enemy. She never says anything good about me. Jane: Ellen, you're your own worst enemy. If you did your job responsibly, your boss would be nicer.
See also: enemy, own, worst
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One's ego is often one's own worst enemy! Just because you once hit a seven iron 175 yards doesn't mean you always hit it that far.It is very sensible to take one, two or three extra clubs to ensure that your ball goes the correct distance.
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